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Neopets can be educational. They can teach you about money management. There is also has an array of educational games, such as Battle Field Neopia, where you use multiplication questions to prevent aliens from landing. The Puzzles section also provides other great brain busting fun. Also, Neopets teaches you how to manage a pet. You have to feed your pet, buy it things to keep it happy and cure it if it is sick. To buy food, toys, medicine and much more go to the shops.

Neopets is based around the eponymous virtual pets that inhabit the virtual world of Neopia. Neopets has significant penetration throughout the United States, as well as in other English-speaking regions, including The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. Neopets are also capable of having pets of their own, called Petpets. NeoPets also help children learn about the responsibility of having a pet without having a real pet that the parent ends up taking care of if the child fails to nurture it.

In total, there are 54 different species of Neopets, some of which may be limited edition or restricted. The Buzz is a dragonfly-like species of Neopet. As of June 2007, the Buzz is ranked 37th out of 50+ species, with over 2 million created. As of June 2007, the Chia is ranked 27th out of 50+ species. The Chomby is a limited edition species of Neopet. They appeared on March 22, 2001, and are a limited edition species, which are occasionally released during special events. As of June 2007, they rank 48th out of the 50+ species, with over 360,000 created. The Gelert is a dog-like species of Neopet, whose name comes from a legendary Welsh dog. As of June 2007, they were ranked 6th in popularity out of 50+ available species. Grundos, a restricted species, are unique among the various species of Neopets, in that they must be adopted from the Virtupets Space Station. They originally came from the Neopian world of Meridell and were the 46th species introduced on the site. Kikos are one of the few Neopets species to receive their own "Mini-World" in Neopia. Kyrii resemble weasels (which bear a strong resemblance to ferrets) and like to travel in packs, but get along well with other species. Fuzios were social and fun-loving, and they enjoyed skateboarding, according to Neopets' profile of the species. The Fuzio's new look was chosen by a poll of Neopets users, who had five new species of pets from which to choose the Fuzio's replacement. Lennies are among the rarer species, even though they are not limited edition. Lupes are among the most popular species. Ogrins are shy and quiet in social groups; however, the Ogrin is a very intelligent species and is one of the most compainionable of all neopets, it enjoys studying nature. They are shy, rare, magical creatures that don't mix with other species often. The Poogle is a rather pudgy, four-legged species, which resembles a stub-tailed Scottish Fold. Quiggles resemble toads with large feet and tiny front legs (The other frog-like species, the Nimmo, is quite distinct with its long arms and legs). Within these species, each individual pet has its own unique name and personality.

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