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Bunco � this is one game that�s not just so much bunk...

You gotta know that a game, such as this one, that has been around since the 1800�s (known as the unlikely name of 8-Dice cloth??!), that has been handed down from generation to generation, and is fun for the whole family, is going to be good. More than good, its grrreat! And Bunco�s history is just as fun as the game. I mean, any game that

  • Was introduced (as Banco) to the developing world by a crooked gambler during the goldrush

  • Became extremely popular in speak-easies during prohibition and thus was often raided by police that became known as the �Bunco-squads�

  • Was so infamous for its scammers that a derogatory term became associated freely with the name � now synonymous with scam and swindle (no thanks to the Bunco parlours of yore...)

  • And has a lingo all its own...

Well, in my book, that is a game that is a sure bet for a group of crazies to try out. And don�t worry if you don�t know the Bunco lingo yet, you soon will.

Run right on out (if you�re not the favoured family member who inherited your great-great gramma�s copy of Bunco � my condolences, btw) and pick up a copy of this way too much fun dice game, push your luck game, large group game...

I don�t know about you, but I�m going to organize a Bunco bash this weekend. And we�ll all be prepared for some social drinking � just to honour its past of course...



Build a wondrous Incan building, using the scaled down �stones� found in this addicting board game � because really, how could you manage the 200 tonne ones they used to drag around or over mountains and build with?!

Stones (or Rumis in the Incan�s ancient language of Quechua), takes geometry
to a new to speak. You get to choose one of the 4 game boards included and start building! Each of the structures have a perimeter and height restriction, as designated on the corresponding game board:

  • The Pirka (or wall)

  • The Coricancha (pyramid)

  • The Pisac (stairs),

  • The Chullpa (tower)

Place it on the turntable, choose your stones and begin the reconstruction of some of the most amazing structures of the 13th century. Any stones left at the end may cause you to be sacrificed (or at least to lose if you�re not the fattened virgin type...)

Yes, Rumis is a wonderfully fun and yet challenging Mensa mind game
that kind of beats Rumi�s poems
all to hell really (despite Madonna and Oliver Stone�s.

Ah well, kinda ensures you won�t get bored of it any time soon. Maybe in another few centuries?


Go Karts and Kids � Now there�s a winning combo

From miniature carts made of � well � a soap box, to gas powered carts for the big kids, go karting is an addicting fun past-time.
Not a game, you say?

Wrong! What about Mario Kart? Now there�s a
video game
that has addicted a nation of kids of all ages. And, I have to admit I�ve gone a few rounds with it, myself � dam that rascally raccoon�or whatever he his�.

Who can resist them? Even the little ones get a kick out of racing their karts. Here�s just a few types that will get your creative juices flowing and give you something to do with your kids this summer. These cars are listed from easy to difficult to make � but you can work your way through them�no problem:

  • Soap Box Derby Car
    � Since 1933 humans and their spawn have been getting together to race these little karts. All you need is a soap box (yes, from an actual bar of soap) skewers, 4 beads, a balloon and a straw and you�ve got the makings of a winning car. Get a few of your friends together and you�ve got a race!

  • Soap Box Car
    � No drivers license required for these ride-on fun karts�just a good helmet and elbow pads (better safe than sorry, yes?) Born in Ohio and catching on like wildfire everywhere else, the soap box derbys continue to this day. So find some spare lumber, 4 wheels and 2 axles, some nails and screws and a driver�s seat. Oh, and don�t forget to include a steering wheel�or rope�and a hill to race your awesome creation down!

  • Go Kart
  • - This is the most complicated of the karts because you need a gas engine (lawn mower engines work great for this) � or you can make it run on electricity. Originating from bored airmen (yes, pilots) with too much time on their hands, this exciting sport is a lot more involved and more of a money pit than any other type of kart racing (excluding the professional sport of actual Kart racing � but then those are race cars, not toys!)

So why not get a few balloons and soap boxes and start with making a mini racer or three with your kids this weekend. What a great outdoor activity � and if its raining use the garage or porch � guaranteed, you�ll enjoy it as much as everyone else who strolls by as you�re trying them out! Don�t be surprised when the neighbours join in too!


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