First published in 1959, Risk has proven to be an enduring classic.

In the game of Risk, two to six players face the challenge of being the last-man-standing. There is never any doubt concerning who wins a Risk game; the game ends when there is only one player remaining, every piece on the board is the same color.The board is a stylized map of the world divided into 42 territories. Players receive armies in order to attack adjacent territories and add them to their empire. When the last territory of an empire is lost, that player leaves the game. Cards are won and sets formed to gain additional playing units. This is the earliest example of area control and set collecting, (so often found in today's Euros) in a board game. Conflict is resolved by die rolls.

Numerous variants and house rules have been developed. The major portion of these involve alternate set-up or alternate objectives. In later editions of Risk, Parker Brothers included some of the more popular variants in what is known as "mission Risk".

Risk Strategies

1. Know what rules you're using. There are various editions and versions of Risk, so be sure that you're not playing one game while everyone else is playing another.

2. Australia is a good continent to control at the beginning of the game, since it's easy to hold (it only has one point of attack from outside the continent) and get the continent bonus. South America, with only two points of attack, is almost as good.

3. When you control a continent, position your armies to protect the points of attack much more so than the less vulnerable interior countries.

4. Don't bother conquering an entire continent unless you think you can hold it for at least a full turn, because controlling a continent makes you an attractive target for other players to attack.

5. Try not to let other players control continents, but don't weaken yourself too much in the process.

6. Whenever possible, attack with a large group or armies rather than a medium-sized one.

7. If you're playing with mission cards, it's generally better to start by going after a full continent. Once you have armies to work with, go after your mission.

8. When trying to complete a mission, take steps to make sure that you don't make it obvious what your goal is. If you don't mask your intentions, your opponents will catch on.

9. If you're playing with increasing card redemption values (the standard rule in most versions), hold on to your cards as long as possible at the beginning of the game.

10. Hold on to wild cards as long as possible at any point in the game.

11. If you're defending a country, and you have an option of how many dice to roll, always roll as many as possible. This increases your chances of a successful defense.

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