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Strategy Auction and Bidding Games are perfect for an evening get-together. Depending on the Strategy Auction and Bidding Game you choose, you'll be bantering and bargaining with your friends, or bluffing and betting, or maybe manipulating the stock market and becoming a millionaire!

Direct Source Games recommend these Strategy Auction and Bidding Games for any one who enjoys Strategy bidding type games,

Ars Mysteriorum Ars Mysteriorum         List: $40.00 On Sale! $28.50 (29% savings!)
It is autumn in Middleton, and King Florim is sponsoring his Alchemy Apprentice Competition. As an apprentice you will vie to see who can earn the most money by the end of the competition. You will barter favors for basic elements such as Brimstone...

Santiago Santiago English language edition    (Announced)     List: $37.95 $29.75 (22% savings!)
Some kilometers west of the African mainland lies the Cape Verde Island of Santiago. The climate is hot, and every drop of water is precious. Every player buys at auction certain plantations (potatoes, beans, paprika, bananas, and sugar cane) and tries...

Ra English language edition    (Announced)

For Sale For Sale English language edition        List: $14.95 On Sale! $10.95 (27% savings!)
Going once! Going twice! Sold to the highest bidder! Bid and bluff your way to purchase the most valuable properties for the lowest amount of money, then turn around and sell those properties for cold hard cash. Be the richest real estate mogul at the...

Amazonas Amazonas English language edition    (Preorder)     List: $49.00 On Sale! $35.25 (28% savings!)
It's the 19th Century, and you have come to the lush tropical jungles of the Amazon in search of rare plants and animals. You must explore the twisting paths and waterways, leading your expedition from one village to another. Each village offers an...

Tadsch Mahal Tadsch Mahal German edition        $59.95
Control of India at the beginning of the 18th century is up for grabs. The 200 year long rule of the Grand Moguls is collapsing, but they still have some power. Now is the time for the Maharishis and princes to take control of the Indian subcontinent...

Wizard's Brew Wizard's Brew     (Announced)
Wizards roam the lands wielding the four elements in a quest to complete Vitae -- the elixir of life. Prove you are the world's greatest alchemist. With powerful spells you can control the four elements and...

Die Weinhändler Die Weinhändler         $15.95
A '98 Zinfandel for a 20 year old Bordeaux?! Sounds like a great exchange -- so you only pause briefly before you jump at the opportunity! The more noble -- and above all the more ripe -- vintages you store in your wine cellar, the better.

Razzia! Razzia!     (Currently Unavailable)     $16.45
Time and again, the syndicate divides the booty from the latest raid of their half of the city: decorations, gold coins, real estate, night clubs -- everything a gangster could want.

Ys Ys     (Currently Unavailable)     $49.95
Pursue wealth and fame beyond the strong sea walls of the City of Ys! Will you search for black gems, seek favors from the mighty, or speculate at the markets and shops? The choice is yours, but the city is ruthless!