The Price is Right

by Annita
(Found at

Buy 10 to 12 baby Items. Get little envelopes and cards from florist dept. of grocery store. Write the price of item on the card and on envelope write item name then seal envelopes. Play it like the tv show - "the price is right." The one that collects the most price cards without going over the amount wins.

The following is a list of items used.

  • Pampers package of 40 (Newborn size)
  • Fisher-Price Baby Bib
  • Q-tips Cotton Swabs 340 swabs / refillable pack
  • Huggies Baby Wipes 64 wipes pack
  • Pedialyte Freezer Pops Package of 16 pops
  • Winnie-the-Pooh Pacifiers 2 pack
  • Gerber baby food Apple Strawberry 4 oz jar
  • Duck bath toy
  • Johnson's Baby Powder 4 oz size
  • Bunny Rabbit Baby Rattle
  • Gerber's baby food Potatoes 2 & 1/2 oz jar
  • Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment 2 oz jar

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