Train Games

There are about 500,000 model train hobbyists in the U.S. and Canada. Model trains and Train Games are more popular than ever, especially among Baby Boomers who were children when Lionel trains were the "must have" toys. Model trains and Train Games are also popular in England, Germany, Australia, and Japan.

In this selection of Train Games, the country needs railroads and with these Train Games it is your job to provide them. The players work together to build a vast railroad network to meet the needs of the nation.

TransEuropa TransEuropa     (Announced)     List: $27.95 $22.35 (20% savings!)
Now it is time to go railroading in Europe. Just like Transamerica, players work together building a railroad network, but this time it is across Europe instead of the United States. The first to have their five cities connected winds the round -- the...

Ticket to Ride: Europe Ticket to Ride: Europe         List: $39.95 $35.95 (10% savings!)
The newest installment in the best-selling Ticket to Ride series of train adventures, Ticket to Ride Europe takes you across the Ocean into the heart of Europe.

Ticket to Ride Ticket to Ride revised edition        List: $39.95 $35.95 (10% savings!)
October 2, 1900 -- it's 28 years to the day that noted London eccentric, Phileas Fogg accepted and then won a 20,000 bet that he could travel Around the World in 80 Days. Now at the dawn of the century some old friends have gathered to celebrate...

Station Master Station Master         List: $20.00 $15.95 (20% savings!)
With the rising of a new dawn, another busy day at the Station begins. Harried passengers hustle about, looking for their trains. Behind the scenes the engineers and workers rush to connect carriages to engines. It would all be a fine mess if there...

Gavitt's Stock Exchange Gavitt's Stock Exchange in a tin        List: $12.99 $9.95 (23% savings!)
Gavitt's Stock Exchange is one of the most exciting and popular games ever invented. Deal and trade your cards to corner the railway stock market. Be the first to get all the cards of one railway line, call out "Topeka" and you'll win the hand!

Metro Metro English language edition (Uberplay)        List: $34.95 $26.95 (23% savings!)
The eve of the 1900 World's Fair is approaching, and excavations are taking place across the city. Bizarre-looking scaffolds arise everywhere. Tunnels are built in the streets to later be covered with earth. Take part in the construction of the...

Metro Metro English language edition (Queen)        List: $38.00 $29.95 (21% savings!)
The Game of Subway Line Building! You gain points for each tile your subway line crosses. Long, convoluted routes score highest, but beware - your opponents can cross you up by placing their tile to prematurely end your line.

Lunar Rails Lunar Rails         List: $38.00 $29.95 (21% savings!)
Dawn on the moon. The brilliant blue Earth rises above the crater's edge. Amid the lunar dust in the cold emptiness that is the lunar atmosphere, you can feel the strength and power of the train rushing by, but you can not hear it... One can't help...

Station Manager Station Manager     (Currently Unavailable)     On Sale! $13.50
Business is thriving in the switching yard. Players load freight from around the world onto their trains to fulfil certain orders from businessmen. If you are successful you gain profit, but beware. If someone fulfils the same order later in the...

TransAmerica TransAmerica English language edition        List: $27.95 $22.35 (20% savings!)
America in the 19th century: railroads are booming! Pioneer spirit and vision are everywhere. Everyone wants to be the first to build a railroad network across the country. Each player gets a set of five cities and must build a network (with the...



In Empire Builder players can rediscover a modern American classic that celebrates one of America's greatest loves - railroads. Use your initial investment to build track, pick up commodities where they are grown, mined, or manufactored and deliever them where there's a demand. When you complete a delivery, you make the money you need to buy larger, faster trains and expand your railroad empire. Win the game by building the most effective railroad empire! With over a million variations, Empire Builder never grows old. Capture the entrepreneurial spirit of America and learn geography while you play.



Eurorails is a railroad game is based on the award winning Empire Builder game. Build a rail system so that your trains can transport commodities from where they are made and to where they are needed, and amass a fortune at the same time. Eurorails is geographically accurate. The game board shows mountains, rivers, plains, and natural resources as they really are, lending a realistic slant to an imaginitive game. Parents playing Eurorails with their children can help them learn as they play.



This set of four jumbo jigsaw floor puzzles features artwork of planes, trains, dump trucks, and cruise ships! This set includes four 12 piece vehicle-shaped puzzles that measure 18" long each. This puzzle comes with a total of 48 "easy clean" jumbo pieces that are 20% thicker than other floor puzzles.


Welcome to the moon. Players face off against each other as they plan and build railroads across the lunar surface. Transport goods to domed cities, over mountains and past craters. Run your trains to and from the Ice Mines of Scott. The player whose railroad is the most profitable and efficient wins the game.

Based on the award-winning railroad game Empire Builder.



Puremco's Mexican Train Dominoes Set is one of the most popular domino games played today. Each participant plays out trains of dominoes from the center or off of the group's common line. The goal is to be the first to finish playing, and keep your train moving all the way to victory! Mexican Train is the perfect mixer that everyone can learn in minutes without tiring and boring practice. Puremco's professional size dominoes are thicker and have jumbo, bright, colored dots that are uniform in size and easy to see. The leatherette vinyl case is compact and easy to store when traveling or at home. Dominoes measure 1" by 2" by 3/8". Contents of Mexican Train Dominoes Set:

91 Double 12 Dominoes Centerpiece hub Black leatherette case with snap 8 multi-colored train markers Electronic Choo Choo train keychain Rules for seven different domino games



hese plastic 3/4" by 3/4" by 1/2" trains are used as markers when playing Mexican Train Dominoes. We have a wide variety of available colors and finishes to choose from. If you are interested in a specific color or style (solid, clear, or sparkle), please let us know during the check-out process by using the comments box. If the color you request is unavailable we reserve the right to substitute for a different color. The price listed is for one train.



This is a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring artwork from the Curator Collection. The image shows a steam engine train pulling into a station on the frontier. Several well dressed people are standing nearby awaiting the trains arrival. This puzzle measures 18" by 24".

RAILROAD TYCOON - THE BOARDGAME $59.95 International Gamers Awards Best Strategy Game Nominee 2006

The year is 1830. The age of railroading has begun, and you are the head of one of the first fledgling railroad companies. The cities team with potential passengers, the countryside of a young nation gives birth to a bountiful harvest, and countless new factories bulge with finished goods! The potential profits are huge, but who will get there first? The competition will be fierce, and only the best railroads will prosper. You will decide the best routes and build the track. You will run the railroad and deliver the goods, thus capturing that share of the market for your railroad. And as your network of rails expands across the countryside, you will invest in newer, better locomotives to deliver the goods faster and farther. You call the shots. You are the Railroad Tycoon!

Contents of Railroad Tycoon - the Boardgame:

45" by 36" gameboard 174 plastic miniatures Rulebook