Word Board Games


Educational Word Board Games are games that you and your family can enjoy! You can start with our board games that teach the alphabet and building words, or you can try word board games that increase skills in spelling, reading, and vocabulary.

Word Board Games such as Scrabble and other crossword games rely on a knowledge of words. Word games are a great way to help young children learn how to read and spell, or to help older children really fall in love with words.

Word games call on people to reflect metacognitively on words, word parts, and context; [and] requires students to be active learners” (Blachowicz & Fisher, 2004, p. 220).

Let the games begin!



In Scrabble, players take the challenge of making the best use of 7 letter tiles for just the right combination of wordplay, competition and fun! The Scrabble game draws family and friends around the board with the fun of building interlocking words and the competition for racking up big scores. Connect the classic wood letter tiles up, down, and across the board to create distinct crosswords every game!



Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition features a premium folding carrying case that opens to reveal a colorful gameboard with recessed game spaces. The gameboard smoothly rotates 360 degrees easily on six soft rubber wheels for easy reading. The gameboard also has 2 built-in side trays for compact piece storage and the plastic game case handle makes this a great Scrabble game set for travel.



In Scrabble Me!, each player gets his own board to work on allowing you to play scrabble the way you always wanted to - your way! All players build words simultaneously on their individual boards. And, if your word wasn't as valuable as your opponents', don't fret because you've earned first pick of the replacement tiles from the Prize Tile Podium. When you play a wild tile, you exchange boards with another player which could turn the tide of the game in your direction! When all 100 tiles have run out, the game is over and the player with the highest score wins , Scrabble Me!



Scrabble Junior is the fun-filled word-and-picture version of the famous crossword game! Young players match the picture words with letter tiles. Older players form their own words on the reverse side of the board.



Bananagrams is the anagram game that will drive you bananas! The letter tiles are all placed face down on the table, then everyone takes 11-21 tiles (depending on the number of players). Players turn over their tiles and everyone creates their own individual crossword simultaneously. When a player has no tiles left, that player yells "PEEL" and takes one from the "BUNCH". All other players must also take a tile at this time. Once all the letters in the "BUNCH" are gone, the first player with no letters left shouts "BANANAS" and is the winner of that round. You can play Bananagrams anytime, anywhere, no board required!

Contents of Bananagrams:

  • 1 Bananagrams Zippered Pouch
  • 144 Letter Tiles
  • Instructions



    Spin the wheel just like on TV in this special Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition of Wheel of Fortune! A combination of luck and skill is what you'll need to collect the most Wheel dollars and win. The game features a deluxe silver plastic spinner wheel and 172 puzzles, including 12 bonus puzzles based on the 1980's. This home version of the popular television show includes some of your favorite categories like Same Name, Before and After, On the Menu, Around the House, TV Show Title, and many more!

    Contents of Deluxe Wheel of Fortune - 25th Silver Anniversary Edition:

  • Metallized Plastic Puzzle Display Board with Printed Backboard
  • Silver Metallized Spinner Wheel
  • 172 Puzzles
  • Play Money
  • Wipe-off Used Letter Chart
  • Crayon
  • Free Spin Tokens
  • Instructions and Solutions Booklet



    Word Pirates! is a word building race to reach golden treasure! Players build bridges, gain land and try to block their opponents' way to the pirate treasure. Roll the letter dice to build word bridges and use impassable walls of rock to block other players path's. Make your way across dangerous shark infested waters and be the first player to land on one of the four squares inside the red box on the game board to reach the pirate loot and win the game!

    Contents of Word Pirates!:

  • 100 Letter Dice
  • 1 Jumbo Die
  • Game Board
  • 4 Pirate Pawns
  • 10 Bridge Pieces
  • 10 Wall Pieces
  • Easy to Follow Rules


    DON'T SAY IT! $15.99

    The race is on in Don't Say It! Players try to get their team to say a particular word without using certain forbidden words. For instance, can you get your team to say "Balloon" when you can't say "Party", "Pop", "Inflate", or "Blow"? Teams try to go through as many word cards as they can before the buzzer goes off. You can feel the pressure building while the timer beats faster and faster as you run out of time! Points are given for correctly guessed words and 100 points wins the game. Don't Say It! has three different levels of play making it a perfect game to play with different age groups. Requires 3 'AAA' batteries (not included).

    Contents of Don't Say It!:

  • 100 Game Cards
  • Card Holder
  • Timer
  • Score Pad
  • Pencil
  • Rule Sheet



    Spell your way to the finish line in The Great Word Race! Fun for kids of all ages, The Great Word Race will challenge your spelling and word building abilities. Players take turns rolling all six of the letter dice, and then build words using the letters that come up on the dice, the Letter for Life cards they own, and by following the instructions on the Pick a Card card they may have picked up. You move your pawn the number of letters in the word you build. Bigger words equals faster movement towards the Finish circle. Be the first one there to win The Great Word Race!

    Contents of The Great Word Race:

  • Game Board
  • 30 "Pick a Card" Cards
  • 36 "Keep a Letter for Life" Cards
  • 6 Dice
  • 4 Pawns
  • Rules


    JUMBULAYA $29.99

    Put your word building skills to the test with JUMBULAYA! In JUMBULAYA, 27 letter tiles are placed randomly on the game board. Players then start claiming lines by building on them horizontally. At the same time, they are looking for a JUMBULAYA, which is a seven-, eight-, or nine-tile word that can be spelled vertically. Before a JUMBULAYA can be called however, all nine horizontal lines must be formed into words and claimed, and one line must contain a word at least seven tiles long. Points can be scored in a wide variety of ways, nd paying close attention to opportunities on the board are crucial. After JUMBULAYA is called points are tallied up and the player with the most wins.

    Contents of JUMBULAYA:

  • Game Board
  • 100 Letter Tiles
  • 4 Tile Racks
  • Cloth Bag
  • 36 Line Markers
  • Instruction Sheet


    LAST WORD $29.99

    Last Word is an uproarious race to have the final say! Start by reading your subject card with possible subjects including Breeds of Dogs, Cartoon Characters, or Vegetables. Next, turn over a letter card, and be the first to play your subject card and start the timer. Finally, everyone races the timer to get in the Last Word! This game features an innovative timer that has been cleverly programmed to go off at random intervals.

    Contents of Last Word:

  • 2 Gameboards
  • 230 subject cards
  • 56 letter cards
  • 8 colored pawns
  • 8 trade-in pieces
  • Electronic random timer
  • Instructions



    Join your friends and family in a sociable and fun game of crosswords. Merv Griffin's Crosswords has 60 puzzles in Easy, Medium, and Hard categories and has three challenging ways to play: Head-to-Head, Free-For-All, and Showtime! Bet on "extras" to score big and complete the puzzle in the Final Round. Try the Showtime game following the "spoiler" rules and play just like on Merv Griffin's Crosswords game show!

    Contents of Merv Griffin's Crosswords:

  • Crossword Gameboard
  • 60 Crossword Puzzles
  • 6 Player Tokens
  • Score Pad
  • 3 Decks of Clue Cards
  • Erasable Crayon
  • Rules



    Password is the classic word association game! Teams of two square off to see who can guess the secret password first. Million Dollar Password is a modern update of the hit television show, and this version of the game also offers a three player variation in which one player gives the clues. You've got to be very clever when you communicate because players can give only one-word clues. The fewer clues given, the higher the score. The electronic timer counts down the rounds with each successive round being more difficult than the previous. The player or team that guesses the most words with the fewest clues wins. Make it to the bonus round and get five passwords in a minute and a half to win $1,000,000! Requires 3 'AA' batteries (not included).

    Contents of Million Dollar Password:

  • :30/:90 Timer / Game Console
  • 2 Password Card Reveal Sleeves
  • 30 Password Round Cards
  • 180 Bonus Round Cards
  • Instructions
  • 4 Score Pegs


    SNATCH $14.99

    Snatch is the ultimate war of words! The game starts by placing the letter tiles face down in the play area. Players then take turns flipping over a tile until a word of 3 or more letters can be formed. Even if it's not your turn, as soon as you spot a word call it out, take the letters, and place the word face up in front of you. But beware, the word you make may not be yours for long! Words can be formed in two ways - by using 3 or more letters from the center or by adding one or more letters to an existing word. Players may snatch any word by changing it with the addition of one or more letters! Play continues until all 100 tiles have been flipped over and no more new words can be formed.

    Contents of Snatch:

  • 100 letter tiles
  • Plastic storage tube
  • Instructions


    SYL-LA-BLES $23.99

    Syl-la-bles is the game that encourages you to think big. Choose a bigger word to get more points, but spell it right or you score zero! "Thesaurus" and "Spelling Bee" cards test your vocabulary and spelling skills. This is a unique game for playing with varied ages, because you set your own point goals--for individuals or the group--before you start the game. Tested by the Canadian Toy Testing Council and recipient of the 2007 Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center.

    Contents of Syl-la-bles:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 8 Playing Pieces
  • Pair of Dice
  • 60-Second Timer
  • 100 Thesaurus Cards
  • 100 Spelling Bee Cards
  • Instructions



    Wheel of Fortune Disney brings fun to the whole family! Categories include Heroes and Heroines, Villains, Movie Titles, Song Titles, and more. Spin the uniquely shaped Mickey Mouse wheel, pick a letter, purchase a vowel, and solve the word

    puzzle. Earn Disney Dollars for correctly guessing the puzzles. Customize you wheel with interchangeable wheel wedges, allowing you to win imaginary vacation prizes. What better way to bring puzzle solving fun together with your favorite Disney characters!

    Contents of Wheel of Fortune Disney :

  • 1 Mickey Mouse Wheel
  • 3 Interchangeable Wedges
  • Disney Character Frame
  • 24 Puzzle Cards (for a total of 96 puzzles)
  • 1 Puzzle Board with Backing
  • 2 Legs
  • Disney Play Money
  • Free Spin Tokens
  • Wipe-Off Used Letter Card
  • Wipe-Off Marker
  • Eraser Pad
  • Instructions and Solutions Booklet


    WORD SWEEP $29.99

    Featuring over 2,300 Merriam-Webster dictionary definitions in 3 difficulty levels, Word Sweep is the "guess-3-words-in-row" game! To play, one player reads a card containing 3 definitions of words. Another player tries to guess all 3 words to make a "Word Sweep!" If the "Word Sweep" isn't solved completely, opponents can "steal" the remaining words. Answer correctly to advance around the board and win. (Includes Junior Rules!)

    Word Sweep Contents:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 3 Card Decks
  • 1 Custom Numbered Die
  • 1 Paper Pad
  • 4 Pencils
  • 4 Book Tokens
  • 1 Timer



    This version of Scrabble is designed specifically for Spanish-speaking players! During the game players take the challenge of making the best use of 7 letter tiles for just the right combination of wordplay, competition and fun! The Scrabble game draws family and friends around the board with the fun of building interlocking words and the competition for racking up big scores. Connect the classic wood letter tiles up, down, and across the board to create distinct crosswords every game! Features different letter values to correspond with Spanish language usage.


    SMART MOUTH $14.99

    The quick thinking, shout it out word game. Move the Letter Getter to see the start and end letters. Be the first player to shout out a word using these letters and win the round. Instructions include varient rules for additional fun.



    Super Scrabble is an expanded edition of the long-time favorite word board game. Add to the fun with additional scoring chances, with twice as many letter tiles as standard Scrabble, and 441 squares on the game board (compared to 225 in standard Scrabble). There are more Premium spaces as well - in addition to double and triple letter and word scores, Super Scrabble has quadruple letter and word score space. If you're looking to take the next step in word board games, Super Scrabble is the game for you.


    WORDIGO $24.99

    Wordigo is a completely new twist on crossword games where everyone plays at the same time! Players race against the clock and each other to form words along designated paths. High scores are achieved by the strategic placement of the uniquely marked vowels. Wordigo packs the best of quick thinking, strategic play, and old-fashioned fun in one great game!

    Why not spend some quality time with the family by playing these entertaining Word Board Games which are not only an enjoyable way to spend time, but educational, too. Play these fun Word Board Games and increase skills in spelling, reading, and vocabulary.

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