Word Dice Games

Word Dice Games are an easy travel game. Word Dice Games hold lots of fun. Word Dice Games are games that everybody adores.

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BOGGLE $16.99

Boggle is the original 3-minute word search game! How many words can you find by linking adjacent letters?



Word Rally is the fast paced word search game! Shake the cube and try to see how many words you can find in one minute. This game is all contained in one piece which makes it great for travel.


BLAST IT! $19.99

Created by the makers of Pass the Bomb, Blast It! is a wicked word game where everybody plays together and everyone plays against the clock! After the subject on the card is read out aloud, the dice dome is shaken and the ticking timer is started. Players then have to write down as many words as possible that relate to the subject but starting only with the letters shown on the dice. Points are tallied based on the number of letters in the words that match the letters on the letter dice. The first player to reach 100 points wins Blast It! Requires 2 "AA" batteries (not included).

Contents of Blast It!:

55 Question Cards

1 Clear Dome Device with 5 Letter Dice and Electronic Random Timer

Score Sheet



Boggle Jr. is a specially designed Boggle game that helps preschoolers learn their ABC's! Easy matching games teach children letters, spelling and reading while they're having fun. With 60 different three and four letter words to master, children will love practicing object and word recognition, sorting and grouping, taking turns, sharing and more!

Contents of Boggle Junior:

Game tray

30 picture/word cards

8 letter cubes




Visual Eyes is the what-you-see-is-what-you-get game! Players race against each other and the clock to find the most familiar words and phrases on the picture dice. The more creative you can be, the more points you'll score! This game is a "Games 100" Award Winner.

Contents of Visual Eyes:

19 extra-large colorful dice Hourglass timer

8 pencils

4 writing pads

1 score pad