World War 11 Games

Origins of World War Two

Resentment at the harsh peace of World War One fuelled the rise of Adolf Hitler. Anxious to avoid war, Britain and France chose to appease German territorial demands before finally 'drawing a line in the sand' over Poland.

Fall of Poland to the Fall of France The speed and ferocity of the German army's victories caught the Allies by surprise and rendered their outmoded military tactics redundant. France fell and Britain retreated across the Channel

In Europe and faced with the prospect of invasion, Britain turned to the inspirational leadership of Winston Churchill. War raged in the air and at sea, while German bombers pounded British cities.

Barbarossa, Pearl Harbor and Dieppe With Britain contained, Hitler launched a massive invasion of the Soviet Union. In the Pacific, Japan's surprise naval attack brought the United States into the war. The first Allied raid on 'Fortress Europe' ended in disaster.

On the 15 September 1940, RAF fighter pilots inflicted a resounding defeat on the Luftwaffe, finally ending Hitler's plans for invasion. Their victory is marked on Battle of Britain Day.

El Alamein, the Atlantic and Stalingrad The Allies inflicted the first major land defeats on Germany, in North Africa and the Soviet Union. In the Atlantic, victories in the desperate struggle against the U-boat menace relaxed Germany's stranglehold on Britain.

Italy, the Pacific and the Eastern Front The 'Axis' of Germany, Italy and Japan was thrown back on all fronts. Italy was invaded, the Germany army was in full retreat on the Eastern Front, and defeated Japanese soldiers fought to the death in Burma and the Pacific.

From D-Day to VJ Day The D-Day invasions began the liberation of Europe, while the Soviet Union continued its relentless march on Berlin. Within a year, Germany and Japan were defeated, and six years of bloody, bitter warfare were at an end.

World War 11 Games are an exciting wargame collection that allows you to re-create battles of the Second World War.

Immerse yourself in these World War 11 Games that involve Strategy, suspense, bravery, honor, world conquest and more.

Memoir '44 Your Price: $39.95 (20% savings!)

From the cliffs of Pointe-du-Hoc to the hedgerow battles in the Corentin Peninsula and beyond -- Memoir '44 airdrops you into the key battles that turned the tide in Western Europe during the summer of 1944. Omaha Beach, Pegasus Bridge, Operation Cobra... Step in and command your troops on the battlefields that defined History in the 20th century!

Memoir '44 is a unique historical game where players command a horde of little plastic Army men facing-off in dozens of WWII battles on an oversize hex game board.

Each battle scenario mimics the historical terrain, troop placements and objectives of each army. Deploying forces through a variety of Command cards, the smart commander uses the unique skills of his units -- infantry, paratroopers, tanks, artillery, commandos and resistance fighters -- to its greatest strength.

Easy to learn and fast-paced, Memoir '44 requires strategic card play, timely dice rolling and an aggressive, yet flexible battle plan to achieve victory!

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Axis & Allies: D-Day Your Price: $34.95 (30% savings!)

It's the morning of June 6, 1944. As Allied forces prepare to storm Normandy's beaches, the fate of Europe is in your hands! In honor of next year's 60th anniversary of D-Day, Avalon Hill will release Axis & Allies D-Day, a new, stand-alone extension of the classic strategy game Axis & Allies. Axis & Allies D-Day will allow players to recreate the largest amphibious invasion in history.

Axis & Allies D-Day features detailed game components including a new blockhouse piece, an extra-large game board, and original artwork commissioned exclusively for the D-Day game box. Other elements of this new Axis & Allies variant include a card deck with three card types -- Orders, Tactics, and Fortune -- to add depth and complexity to play. Order cards determine play sequence and break turns into distinct phases; Tactics cards offer players varied strategic opportunities; and Fortune cards add an element of unpredictability.

Axis & Allies D-Day begins as Operation Overlord, the invasion of German-held Normandy, is underway -- 130,000 soldiers of the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States are poised to assault Fortress Europe. You and your fellow world powers control their fates.

One player controls Germany, whose Axis forces have turned the beaches of Normandy into a near-impenetrable stronghold. Set to breach those defenses are the Allies: the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. The future of Europe and the world hangs in the balance.

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Axis & Allies revised edition Your Price: $37.95 (16% savings!)

Spring, 1942: The world is at war.

Five major powers struggle for supremacy: Germany and Japan are aligned against The United Kingdom, The Soviet Union, and The United States. Designed for 2-5 players, Axis & Allies places the military and economic destiny of the globe in your hands. Victory goes not only to the side that conquers its opponents on the field of battle, but also to the individual player who seizes the most enemy territory. Change the course of history in a few short hours!

This new edition comes with new rules, new pieces and a redesigned board.

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Corsairs & Hellcats Your Price: $39.95 (20% savings!)

Volume IV in the Down in Flames card game series covers World War II in the Pacific from mid-1942 until early 1945, starting where Volume III (Zero!) left off. Corsairs & Hellcats is a DiF gamette, including all of the major late war aircraft types developed by both sides (Zero! is required in order to play this gamette). Allied players can fly the game's namesakes, the F4U-1 Corsair and F6F Hellcat, as well as the British Firefly, the P47-N, and the P-61 Black Widow. Japanese players can counter with two models of late war Zero, the Ki-84 Frank, the N1K1 George, and the J2M Jack. New bomber types include the TBF Avenger, the B-29 Superfortress, and the Ki-49 Helen. There's even a new kind of bomber: the Attack Bomber, which can strafe and bomb. Two types are present in Corsair & Hellcats: the B-25C-1 field modification and the solid nose B-25J, which carried a dozen (!) fixed forward-firing .50 caliber machine guns.

All of these aircraft (plus many of the ones in Zero!) are used in seven new campaigns. Eastern Solomons and Santa Cruz are carrier campaigns like those pioneered in Zero!. Solomon Islands, Philippines 1944, and Okinawa use the land campaign structure familiar to players of the previous games in the series. The other two campaigns are quite different, though. Guadalcanal models the drawn out struggle for control of the airspace above that island. Players allocate available aircraft to two missions each week in an attempt to force a withdrawal by their opponent. The campaign also includes the option to play the Eastern Solomons and Santa Cruz campaigns as part of the battle, feeding the results of the carrier encounters back into the main campaign. B-29s in China is a solitaire campaign representing the beginning of the strategic bombing offensive against Japan. The player controls three Superfortresses and must balance their activities between training, carrying supplies, repairing damage, and conducting bombing missions.

In addition, Corsairs & Hellcats includes new target types, skilled pilots, and ordnance. The game also has rules for Kamikazes, supply drops, submarines, and mine laying. There's even a new method of selecting skilled (and green) pilots and crews that reflects the changes in aircrew quality that both sides went through during the course of the war. Are you ready to relive history? Can you sweep the skies in the cockpit of your Corsair or Hellcat? Pilots, man your planes....

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Zero! Your Price: $15.95 (20% savings!)

Volume III in the Down in Flames card game series moves to the Pacific Theatre of Operations in WWII. Players will recreate the first six months of furious aerial combat between the might of Imperial Japan and the surprised forces of the United Kingdom and the United States. Zero! includes the important early-war fighters and bombers of the Imperial Japanese Navy and Army, Royal Air Force, United States Navy, United States Army Air Force, and the American Volunteer Group (the famous Flying Tigers). Fly the fearsome A6M2 Zero against the F4F Wildcat, Hawker Hurricane IIb, Curtiss P-40B and E Tomahawks, and the ill-fated Brewster Buffalo. As a pilot with the Japanese Army, take Ki-27 Nates and Ki-43 Oscars to the skies against the Allies over Malaya and Burma. Match your skills with American aces Wagner, Thach, McMuskey or their semi-mercenary countrymen of the AVG, Hill and Newkirk. The Japanese can counter with Sakai, Anabuki, Kato, and more.

As with previous games in the series, Zero! includes Campaigns covering the major aerial events of the December 1941 to June 1942 period. Each consists of multiple missions aimed at a variety of targets, for which you must wisely allocate your resources of men and material. New to Zero! are Carrier Campaigns, which give players some control over the carrier groups their naval squadrons fly from. Do you go all out for a decisive strike or hold your fighters back and let the enemy overextend himself? Campaigns included in this volume are: Pearl Harbor (solitaire), the Philippines, Malaya, Burma, Coral Sea, and Midway.

Both Down in Flames veterans and newcomers to the series will enjoy this latest volume. All the components needed to play are included--ownership of the first two volumes is not necessary, but the three games are competely compatible. Beautiful, newly-designed, full-color action cards drive gameplay, while cards representing the major aircraft of the period and counters of the famous aces allow players to explore a wide range of scenarios. Besides the new Carrier Campaigns, historically significant missions have been added to the standard campaigns and the rules have been updated and expanded.

Are you ready to relive history? Can you sweep the skies in the cockpit of the Zero, delaying or even stopping the appearance of American industrial might? Or will the Allies, in their outdated machines, halt the Japanese onslaught much earlier?

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Attack! Expansion Your Price: $23.95 (20% savings!)

Take command of your nation's military, economic, technological, and political efforts as you attempt to become the most powerful nation in the world.

Other strategy games become predictable after a few playings but the Attack! system was created to allow players to graduate to the next level.

The rules and components in the box comprise the advanced game, which expands upon the basic rules and gives players a deeper, richer gaming experience.

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Attack! Your Price: $23.95 (20% savings!

Take command of your nation's army, navy, and economy as you attempt to become the most powerful nation in the world.

Attack! is a new, easy-to-learn, and expandable game system. The basic game contains rules and components that allow players to play a simple, fast paced game of world conquest. The expansion (sold separately) adds a new map segment (Asia and Pacific), naval pieces, more cards, and advanced rules that allow the players to graduate to a deeper, richer gaming experience.

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Von Manstein's Backhand Blow Your Price: $35.95 (20% savings!)

Southern Russia, early February 1943 -- In Stalingrad, the surrounded remnants of the once might German Sixth Army are being slowly and methodically exterminated. Hundreds of miles to the west, two powerful Soviet Fronts are moving west and south against a patchwork German line, intent on destroying the remaining Axis forces in Southern Russia. Operations Star and Gallop have begun.

Six weeks later, the shocked, battered remnants of these two Soviet Fronts are running for their collective lives from powerful German panzer spearheads. What had happened? Soviet overconfidence was responsible in part for the disaster, playing into German hands, but by far, most of the credit for the amazing reversal belonged to Field Marshal von Manstein. Holding off the Soviets to his front and Hitler at his back, he managed to accumulate sufficient panzer formations to allow the Germans to regain tactical and operational superiority.

Von Manstein's Backhand Blow is a low/intermediate complexity two player game using the well-received Turning the Tables system pioneered in earlier East Front games produced by Moments in History. The game system itself is easy to learn and master. No two games will ever play out alike because a great deal of uncertainty and randomness is injected into each combat due to the Combat Chit Draw and Random Events Table. This uncertainty makes von Manstein's Backhand Blow ideal as a solitaire game since combat results cannot be accurately predicted.

Dirk Blennemann, the designer, has the reputation for creating excellent Orders of Battle for East Front simulations. Using detailed Russian and German language sources, he provides a broad array of maneuver units -- Soviet divisions and corps on one side, and German units ranging from regiments down to the multitude of ad hoc German kampfgruppen thrown into the battle to stop the Soviet advance.

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Advanced European Theater of Operations

This is an update of the European Theater of Operations game published by TSR/SPI. It is a corps-level simulation of the battle in Europe during World War II.

Advanced ETO is much more than just another World War II strategy game; Advanced ETO is an accurate simulation of the war in Europe, with historically accurate forces and combat units! All of the game's combat units have been exhaustively researched for technical accuracy (derived from the actual military TO&Es of World War II). The naval and air units have been meticulously recreated as well, reflecting the authentic performance and abilities of these implements of war.

Better yet, Advanced ETO's production model is an exact duplication of the actual production figures from the Second World War, providing players with a genuine simulation of the industrial aspect of World War II in Europe. As such, Advanced ETO contains almost twice as many pieces as the original ETO (over 2200!), including new mechanized, mountain, commando and cavalry units, additional naval and aircraft types, more Generals and even Admirals. For you naval buffs; Advanced ETO now contains absolutely every capital ship that existed during World War II, including additional aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers and raiders. Advanced ETO even includes numerous naval vessels that were planned but never completed-allowing the players some very interesting "what if" possibilities. If air power is your forte, Advanced ETO includes just about every type of combat air unit that saw action in Europe during World War II. This includes many of the rare types, such as the P-61 "Black Widow," the Fw 200 "Condor," Yak-9, Bloch 174, "Defiant" and many, many more.

And that's not all!

Advanced ETO has two new beautiful 23 x 34 inch maps that encompass all of Europe and North Africa-everything from the icy Arctic Ocean to the deserts of the Middle East, including over 38 nations and territories, newly researched topography, additional cities and ports (such as Dresden, Leeds, Gorki, and even the Azores, just to name a few). Newly added technically accurate rail road lines, updated resource areas, plus additional rivers and lakes. Virtually every aspect of World War II in Europe is here. Best of all, Advanced ETO can be played as an exciting grand strategic game (from the beginning of the war to the end), or as one of the many quick campaigns or scenarios.

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Second World War at Sea: Midway - Turning Point

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Oh, Well of Deep Joy! A gamekit. Yes, ziplok bag, black & white graphics, photocopied rulebook, no dice.

"My heart skips a beat as I search for the knife, Two hours worth of bliss if I stav clear of the wife".

But in my case, and in my case only, Winsome Games' John Bohrer has committed the unforgivable sin of cutting the action cards and securing them with elastic bands within their own sacred plastic bag. And he provided a die! It is possible to forgive this outrage, because only privileged reviewers are afforded this treatment. You, the punter, will need to cut and sort.

Ultimately, is the DIY process worthwhile'? In the case of PanzerZug, the answer is yes, because this is an enjoyable romp which simulates allied airstrikes against the Nazi rail system.

The package comprises a set of A4 aircraft displays, targets (Zug cards--pray tell me, what is a "Zug"? (SWD: see below) and an action deck which fuels the game. Each turn, players may re-fit their plane (if necessary) or take-off and attack. The first game turn allows players to load their plane (with fuel/weapons), and then turn over the top Zug card. These are, typically, trains and freight yards which note a victory point total. Yes, you're beginning to get the picture--most points wins.

Although players (2-6, works with any combination) are effectively on the same side, they are able to throw a major spanner in the works by playing additional action cards from their hand, all of which clearly outline these possible and immediate hazards. So, you're on your way to obliterate some armoured scout cars, but Alan sends out a Fokkewulf 190, which will shoot you down on a roll of five or six. A "wingman" card will negate the German fighter, but cannot intervene in the case of bad weather (which force the expenditure of additional fuel) or "Explosions", whereby shrapnel can bring down your own fighter. If you survive the flak, each pass over the target uses a fuel weapon card. A single roll of the die dispenses justice.

As can be seen, a decent hand is a pre-requisite, and I was concerned that re-fitting the plane would be a potentially frustrating business if the right cards were buried at the bottom of the deck. Although you might wait a turn before sufficient fuel/bombs/rockets are drawn, this is negated by your own opportunities to attack "the enemy", ie Alan and his cronies. Overall, the card mix appears to be excellent.

File Panzerzug alongside Enemy In Sight, Atlantic Storm and the Great Naval Battles series, because they all require a major offensive against specific targets, with little subtlety required. PanzerZug stands up sturdily next to its more professionally presented brethren and provides Winsome Games with a "fun" arm to its impressive array of railway/business games.

(SWD: 'Zug' is a multi-purpose word in German, but in this context it means 'train'. 'Panzerzug' = armoured train'.)

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In Attack! you can save the world...or just conquer it! This bundle includes both the original Attack! along with the Attack! Expansion set for extended game play. The basic game contains rules and components that allow players a simple, fast-paced game of world conquest. The expansion adds the second piece of the map, naval pieces, more cards, and advanced rules that allow the players to graduate to a deeper, richer gaming experience. The advanced rules allow 4 political systems (Fascism, Communism, Democracy, and Monarchy) to vie for dominance in a world prior to World War II. Strategic bombing, commerce raiding, trade routes, acts of espionage, propaganda and foreign policy add strategic depth and realism. Whether you play the basic version or the advanced, the Attack! Bundle will provide many hours of exciting action and rich game play. Contents of the Attack! Bundle:

Over 960 miniatures Extra large 2 piece map board (24" by 60") Exciting WWII backdrop Political action cards Economic cards Basic and advanced instructions



In Axis & Allies - Europe, it's the Spring of 1941, and Germany is about to launch an all-out surprise attack on the Soviet Union. The Axis powers have overrun most of Europe. Great Britain's meager resources must pass through wolf packs of German submarines that prowl the seas, and the United States is unprepared for war. Axis & Allies - Europe invites you and your opponents to determine the future of the continent - and the world! The European Theater of World War II remains the same, but you control the events. As a world leader, you must initiate masterful military maneuvers, conjure up clever economic strategies, and play power politics to lead your nation to victory. Good luck, the fate of the world is in your hands! Contents of Axis & Allies - Europe:

Game board 369 plastic playing pieces Industrial production certificates 4 national reference charts National control markers National production charts Battler board chart 12 dice plastic chips (red and grey) Instructions



With the Axis & Allies - Miniatures Base Set Booster Pack, you can add more tanks, soldiers, and heavy guns to your army in a quest to change the course of the war! You'll need skill, nerve, and a little luck to come out on top. Will you turn to the superior vehicles and weaponry of the German Wehrmacht? Or will you you field an army of American or Soviet tanks and soldiers, relying on quantity to overcome quality? What would happen is a Japanese tank force clashed with British antitank guns and infantry? It's all up to you! Collect all 48 detailed and historically accurate World War II era fighting vehicles, soldiers, and heavy guns represented by the prepainted plastic miniatures. Please Note: each set comes with an assortment of miniatures. Axis & Allies - Miniatures Base Set Booster Pack:

9 randomized, prepainted, durable plastic miniatures Full-color game stat cards



With the Axis & Allies - Miniatures Two Player Starter Set, you take command of powerful tanks and courageous soldiers to test your own ability to change the course of the war! You'll need skill, nerve, and a little luck to come out on top. Will you turn to the superior vehicles and weaponry of the German Wehrmacht? Or will you you field an army of American or Soviet tanks and soldiers, relying on quantity to overcome quality? What would happen is a Japanese tank force clashed with British antitank guns and infantry? It's all up to you! Collect all 48 detailed and historically accurate World War II era fighting vehicles, soldiers, and heavy guns represented by the prepainted plastic miniatures. Please Note: each set comes with an assortment of miniatures. Contents of Axis & Allies - Minitaures Starter Set:

12 collectible miniatures including 2 tanks, 2 antitank guns, 2 commanders, 5 infantry units, and 1 random rare Full-color stat cards 4 double-sided full-color battle maps 8 six-sided dice Rulebook Quick start rules



This expansion for the game Axis and Allies focuses on Operation: Barbarossa. Control German or Russian forces as you prepare for battle early in the Second World War! Please Note: the original Axis & Allies is required to play. Contents of Axis & Allies - Operation Barbarossa Expansion:

21" by 33" color map Russian City card Rules



In Axis & Allies - Pacific, it's December 7, 1941 and Japan is about to launch one of the most infamous pre-emptive strikes in military history. Their target is the American Pacific Fleet moored in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. Axis & Allies - Pacific invites you and your opponents to determine the future of the Pacific! How will the United States counterattack after Japan's initial onslaught? Will Japan succeed in gaining the rich resources of the East Indies? Can these be held long enough for the Allies to grow weary of the war? Naval strategy, as well as prudent economic moves are critical in building and sustaining your naval forces. Warships, transports, ground forces, and air power will all be needed if you are to control the Pacific. The fate of the world is in your hands! Contents of Axis & Allies - Pacific:

Game board 345 Plastic Playing Pieces National Control Markers National Production Charts Battle Board Chart Industrial Production Certificates 12 Dice Plastic Chips (grey and red) Instructions



Barbarossa is a a modern classic that is great for family and friends! Enter the fantastic world of this casual riddle-solving game. Share laughs with your friends or family as you create and master riddles! First, each player forms objects out of clay. Since the item is a riddle,your clay figure will only show rough contours. So there's no need to be an artist when you mold the rough shape of a dinosaur or a bug!

When you solve a riddle, you are rewarded with points. You can also earn points when your riddle gets solved, but only if it's not too easy and not too hard! You earn bonus points if your riddle is solved in the middle of the game, but you lose points if it is answered early (too easy) or late (too hard)! Earning points is the key to victory, so put your thinking cap on and mold your best riddles in the clay of Barbarossa!

Barbarossa was awarded with the prestigious “Spiel des Jahres” game award, but now it's even better! This revised version employs a more portable and intuitive format.



More than thirteen years of design and development have gone into the making of Europe Engulfed, which is GMT Games' first offering to the block-game enthusiast. It covers the entirety of World War II in Europe from September 1939 to the end of 1945. Europe Engulfed plays fast with its focus on playability and making players feel the pressures their historical counterparts were under. The game achieves this level of playability without sacrificing historical detail. The entire campaign is playable in a single 10-to-14 hour day once players become familiar with its elegant game systems! Contents of Europe Engulfed:

Two 22" by 34" color mapsheets 238 wood blocks 176 color counters Assorted player-aid cards 68 die-cut round markers 24 dice Rule book Play book



This is a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle of the historical World War II event. The raising of the American flag at Iwo Jima is one of the most recognizable images of the Twentieth Century. This puzzle measures 21 1/4" by 15".



A double deck of poker-sized playing cards. Each deck is a facsimile of card decks used during World War II to help spot aircraft and naval vessels.



Naval Battles is a fast and furious game of naval combat in World War II. Each player commands a fleet of World War II ships, and the goal is to launch attacks from your ships and sink the ships of the opposing players. The game includes surface vessels and submarines of six different nations - France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and the United States. Naval Battles contains two types of cards - Action cards and Ship cards. At the start of the game a player chooses a fleet of ship cards. These ship cards are used to launch attacks. In addition, a player receives action cards to play out of his hand. Contents of Naval Battles:

180 cards 6 dice Rules booklet



A deck of poker sized playing cards featuring images used by the US Navy during the 1940s-1960s. US and foreign ships with dimensions are listed on the faces of the cards.



This is a 1026 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring the classic World War II image of Rosie the Riveter. This puzzle measures 20" by 27".



The World at War is widely recognized as the best and most successful Axis and Allies variant available today! Over the years it has brought new life to the game by arming players with a much broader variety of strategies, special forces and options. The World at War comes complete with over 200 plastic playing pieces, a new map, rules, and new set up charts. One of the key features of the game is the starting time and that France (also includes the Netherlands and Belgium) and China are now separate players. Additional features include special troops such as paratroopers, marines, German SS and Russian guards. The 2005 edition addresses compatibility with Hasbro's latest and greatest Axis and Allies 2004 edition. Rules are updated, the pieces are recolored and the map included is a 36" by 24" hardbound, thick cardboard folding map!